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An hour (or two) just for you. Face lifting, full body massage or deep recovery of the whole system? You decide. 




You suffer from insomnia, digestion problems or maybe you don’t know what to eat to simply feel good? Check my consultations offer

in Keflavik

Rejuvenation for the body and reset for the mind. Classes for English and Polish speaking groups in Keflavik.

Hello! My name is Paulina and I help women find their own recipe for health and wellbeing.

Since I remember, I’ve been interested in everything human related. That what can be understood and things that only heart can grasp.

I am an Ayurveda practitioner, Yoga teacher, physiotherapist and I’ve recently become a mom. In my work I combine the Eastern wisdom with a modern knowledge about movement, nutrition and conscious living. 

I love to nourish people – with delicious food, conscious movement and with trust that the world is a good place.

I live in Keflavik in Iceland and here you can join my yoga classes or massage sessions. I also run consultations online. 

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